What is grooming going to be like for my pet?


We give every pet a warm water massage bath, with two shampoos and a conditioning.  We trim the nails and file them down so that they are shorter, rounder and smoother. We clean the ears and do what ever hair cut you choose.  Every pet is hand blow dried and worked on straight through as we do not use cages or cage driers.

We do everything inside our fully equipped grooming van.  We are climate controlled with ac in the summer and heat in the winter.  We do not need to plug in to your home as we are generator powered and come with our own hot water tank.  Most pets are finished and relaxing back inside your home in 1-2 hours.

Why don't you have a set price list?

 All of our prices depend on the condition of the pets coat, the temperament of the pet, age as well as weight. Feel free to e-mail or call to get your free customized estimate. 

What kinds of grooming products do you use?

 We use top of the line products that are great for all types of skin and coat conditions.

Do you have any hypoallergenic products for pets with sensitive skin?

 We carry a full line of hypoallergenic shampoos, conditioners, and styling products for pets prone to itchy hotspots and allergies.  

Cancellation policy:

 Being mobile, it is hard to fill a spot that has been canceled last minute. We require a minimum of 48 hours notice for all cancelations or a $50 cancelation/no-show fee will need to be paid before we can book your next appointment ($75 for holiday appointments between 11/01-12/26)

Running late:

 We pride ourselves on being on time.  However, sometimes due to traffic or delays with the client prior to your appointment, we may be running behind schedule.  We will ALWAYS call you as soon as we can to inform you of such delays.